A new form of Acupuncture called Acunova is a type of acupuncture treatment that is showing remarkable results for people with eye diseases. Pioneered by John Boel Jr. and John Boel Sr. at their clinic in Aulum, Denmark, ( and in Copenhagen.The Treatment involves newly discovered points at the hands and feet that are not associated with any other acupuncture system. Two points also used are located in the eyebrows and studies show that these points increase blood circulation to the retina in the eye. 70%-75% respond to treatment, depending on the type of eye disease. To maintain improvement, patients then receive maintenance treatment to maintain their improvement. This is not a cure, but a treatment stop the deterioration of the retina, and give people the ability to see for a very long time. Mr. Cris Fraser, Dr. Annejanet and Ms. Carina did a splendid task to implement this treatment in Sri Lanka.


Picture descriptions for vision impaired persons:

1 Group photograph.

2 Group of ladies.

3 Manique.

4 Manique and the team.

5 Manique, Annejanet and Carina.

6 Manique, Ranga and Lankani.



Manique Gunaratne

Supported Employment Officer – Northern Ireland Union of Supported Employment

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