In February 2012 Ms. Manique Gunaratne represented Sri Lanka at the Asian Blind Union General Assembly which comes once in four years. The General Assembly was held in New Delhi, India. There were delegates from South Asian, Middle East and Central Asian countries. The General Assembly was held at Hotel City Park in New Delhi. On the first day there was a conference for visually impaired women in the Asian Blind Union region. Ms. Manique Gunaratne did a presentation on “Participation of blind women in the Asian region”. On the second day there was a workshop on “UNCRPD”. On the third day there was election for office bearers for the executive committee of the Asian Blind Union. Ms. Manique Gunaratne was selected as an Executive Committee member of the Asian Blind Union. It is a great achievement for the country.


Manique Gunaratne


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