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In August 2012 The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon started the second phase of the I.C.T. training in Vavuniya (North of Sri Lanka, in war affected areas). 8 visually impaired persons were trained in Information & Communication skills for 6 months with the support of the International Labour Organisation. One of the trainees who have under gone training at the Rajagiriya training centre is the Instructor at the Vavuniya training centre. Ms. Manique Gunaratne conducts online training and visit the centre periodically for monitoring.


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Group photograph

Manique Gunaratne

Member – Asia Pacific Women with Disability United




Internews organised “Women, tech and change” the 3rd social media meet-up at Hotel Janaki in August 2017.

‘SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS MEET-UOur panel represented diverse experiences of women using technology to educate and empower our society in times of reform and change, as well as unlocking opportunities for women through technology’.

Ms. Manique Gunaratne of The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, Specialised Training & Disability Resource Centre spoke on “work as a person with a disability, using ICT to empower/educate those with and without disabilities, as well as advocating for the use of IT among people with disabilities and training them in Information & Communication Technology, focusing on work especially with women with disabilities, in training them in IT, opportunities and challenges.

Other speakers spoke on:

Savindri – spoke on experiences as an entrepreneur, using tech as a platform for new business, and also the challenges within the spheres of tech and within the sphere of the ‘corporate’ as a woman, with both other women and men – the lack of critical discourse on gender among business community.
Tehani – spoke about SAWF’s work with grassroots women’s orgs and activists in the region and use examples of how women are using tech to educate / mobilize at the grassroots level across South Asia.
Paba – spoke on online violence against women, weak policy/no policy to address this, online safety / security as a unique issue for women and girls; how these become deterrents to women’s use of tech / social Medias’ overall touching on women’s digital rights.
Iromi – spoke on experience using tech as a researcher and activist – to gather and analyse data as well as disseminate information in the interest of public service, via social media etc. by using examples of work on constitutional reform and urban development.


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1 Manique at the head table.

2 Manique presenting.

3 Pannalists

Manique Gunaratne

Sub Committee Member of Policy Development Unit of Prime Minister’s Office on Vocational, Technical Training and Employment Forcusing on Persons with Disabilities



Following news papers published articles on disability.

“Daily News” news paper article titled “We need to employ disabled persons for their skills and competencies” – June 2012

“Sunday Observer” news paper article titled “E.F.C. to train visually impaired” – June 2012

“Island” news paper article titled “E.F.C. returns to Vavuniya to train more visually impaired” – July 2012

“Sunday Divayina” Sinhala news paper article titled “Neth nathimuth lokaya dakinnemi” (Seeing the world without eyes) – August 2012

“Atha Hitha” Sinhala news letter published by the Disability Organizations’ Joint Front article titled “Participation of Blind youth and women in the Asian region” Written by Ms. Manique Gunaratne – August 2012


Manique Gunaratne

Resource Person – Beyond the Reach Project of Internet Society Sri Lanka Chapter



The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon convened a meeting of the EFC Employers Network on Disability in August 2017 to appoint members to the committee that manages the Network and to re-constitute the committee based on feedback and the interest shown by members to be involved in the activities of the specialized Training and Disability Resource Centre managed by the Secretariat. The Network will work towards the following goals and objectives.


To enhance employment opportunities within the private sector for people with disabilities


  1. To develop awareness raising programs and promotes positive attitudes regarding persons with disabilities.
  2. To provide guidance on vocational training based on employer needs to organizations for people with disabilities.
  • To participate in policy making bodies related to employment of people with disabilities and to represent employer views on such matter.
  1. To facilitate the hiring of people with disabilities through placement services counselling and such like activities.
  2. To provide a forum to explore and respond to employers needs relating to managing disability at work place.
  3. To recognize and promote good practices regarding employment of people with disabilities.
  • To represent and lobby for employers issues related to managing disability at work places.
  • To under-take the training of disabled persons in employable skills.
  1. To raise funds for activities of the network.
  2. Work in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental agencies involved in disability related issues in furtherance of the goals of the Network.

All companies are invited to join the Network. For further details please contact Ms. Manique Gunaratne on 0112867966.


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1 Welcome by Mr. Kanishka Weerasinghe.

2 Mr. Kanishka Weerasinghe and Ms. Manique Gunaratne at the head table.

3 Manique making presentation.

4 Manique explaining the activities of the Network.

5 Audience.

6 Ms. Sonali De Silva speaking.


Manique Gunaratne

Manager – Specialise Training and Disability Resource Centre of The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon



In September 2012 the “Siyatha” TB channel telecasted an half an interview with Ms. Manique Gunaratne of The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon Disability Resource Centre titled “Abhimani” on status of women and women with disabilities.


Manique Gunaratne

Vice President – Rehab Lanka Sports Club for Persons with Disabilities



The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, ICT Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities conducts courses in a wide range of areas in the ICT field. Persons with disabilities in all corners of Sri Lanka attend training at this training centre. The training Centre also connect trainees online. A group of 13 persons with diverse disabilities successfully completed a course of study in Computer Concepts in July 2017. There were vision impaired persons, hearing impaired persons, persons with physical disabilities, wwheel chair users, persons with interlectual disabilities, slow learners and persons with multiple disabilities in this group. Up to date 84 trainees have successfully completed the course of study in Computer Concepts. All ICT courses are conducted by Manique Gunaratne who is qualified both nationally and internationally.


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1 Trainees attending the training session.

2 Group photograph.

Manique Gunaratne

CISCO International Trainer for I T E (Information Technology Essentials)



In September 2012 the Department of Social Services in Western Province organized an award ceremony to honour persons and organizations which have contributed great service to the community. The Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped received an award titled “Susewabhimani” 2012. (Great service done to the community). Ms. Manique Gunaratne received the award on behalf of the organization at a function organized by the Western Province Department of Social Services.


Picture descriptions for vision impaired persons:

Manique with the award


(Honoured, Deshabandu) Ms. H.K. Manique Gunaratne



In September 2012 the Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped organized a press conference to speak about the status of visually impaired persons in Sri Lanka. Ms. Manique Gunaratne of The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, Network on Disability did a presentation on women with disabilities. Several print and electronic media were present at the press conference and several printed and electronic media published, broadcasted and telecasted this press conference. This press conference was held at the Government Information Department.


Manique Gunaratne

FaceTime: 0094779571918



In October 2012 Ms. Manique Gunaratne of The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, Network on Disabilities did a presentation on”Rights of persons with disabilities” at a law clinic organized by the Law students of Faculty of law of University of Colombo and the Devisional Secretariet Office in Kalutara at the Devisional Secretariet Office in Kalutara.


Manique Gunaratne

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