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The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon Exhibits assistive devices at University of peradeniya


The Students Union of University of Peradeniya said that the exhibition stall done by The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon ICT Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities together with the students of the Special Skills Unit was one of the best stalls at the exhibition. In September 2015 the Students Union of University of Peradeniya organized an exhibition including all faculties of the University. Students with disabilities of the Special Skills Unit and The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon did a stall titled “Nayanalokaya” (which included assistive devices and technologies for persons with disabilities. More than 50 assistive devices specially designed for persons with disabilities were displayed at this stall.

Everyone who visited the stall was really impressed about the stall.

The EFC ICT Training Centre headed by Ms. ManiqueGunaratne is the only Centre in Sri Lanka which has the largest number of assistive devices and software for persons with disabilities especially for vision impaired persons.

The Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) has partnered with EFC ICT Training Centre to develop an application to learn English Language from the smart phone. Special feature of this application is that it has the speech facilities with the touch gestures. The SLIIT also displayed their device at this exhibition together with EFC. This application can be installed from EFC.

Please watch the video clip about the stall on the following link. The importance of this video clip is all persons involved in this video clip are persons with disabilities.


Picture descriptions:

1 Devices displayed.

devices displayed

2 Manique explaining the devices.

manique explaining the devices

3 The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon stall.

manique with the banner

4 Visitors checking the devices.

visitors checking items


Co-ordinator – ASSET (Advancing Special Skills for Economic Transformation) Project




Pedometer for vision impaired persons


The pedometer is an assistive device for vision impaired persons which has the talking facility. It makes your walking and jogging more easily with the talking facility. It speaks the distance and steps you have walked. It plays music while you are walking. It can be adjusted according to your jogging or walking tempo. Alarms can be also set according to the time you want to walk. You can also set the step length. Talking watch is also available in the pedometer. EFC ICT trainees make use of the pedometer at The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon ICT Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities.



Resource Person to Train, Promote & Develop Information & Communication Technology for Visually Impaired Persons


Stand magnifier for low vision persons


Sometimes it is believed that low vision persons are marginalized due to lack of assistive devices for them. The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, ICT Training Centre for persons with Disabilities assists low vision persons to be equally capable as sighted persons. Training materials are provided in large print and screen magnifier is also used to zoom the text in the computer screen. The stand magnifiers are used to make the printed document enlarge so that the low vision person could read the text easily. It can be kept on the table so that the document can be easily read.


Video description:

Describing the stand magnifier

stand magnifier


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