Developing advocacy policies for persons with disabilities

Developing advocacy policies for persons with disabilities


Many people with disabilities do not identify themselves as disabled or choose not to be part of a politically active community of disabled persons. Advocacy is both the barriers to the formation of a social movement of disabled people and the ways in which these barriers have been overcome. The role of public policy in the evolution of this movement is discussed, as are the current status and prospects of the disability rights movement. It is very important for persons with disabilities to fight for their own rights. Long time ago it was the charity based model which was adopted in the society. Then it was the medical based model. There after it turned out to social based model. The modern trend is the rights based model. Developing advocacy policies is very important for the way forward. Leading disability activist from South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East were selected to develop the advocacy policy. Ms. ManiqueGunaratne from The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon Network on Disability represented this workshop. The participant team was highly knowledgeable. Therefore the outcome was good. The workshop was held at Radisson Blue Martinez Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. It was not just a workshop. The policy developed in December 2015 will be used for future reference.


Picture descriptions:

1 Day 1 of the workshop day 1

2 Day 2 of the workshop day 2

3 Day 3 of the workshop day 3




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