Employer sensitization at mas in kilinochchi


MAS Holdings presents their 25 year tradition of “great working places” to the North of the country, as two major Divisions formalize plans to build manufacturing

Facilities, MAS Intimates Vidiyal and MAS Active Vaanavil, in Kilinochchi. The names of the facilities themselves, Vidiyal, meaning “dawn” and Vaanavil

Signifying “rainbows” aptly symbolize MAS Holdings’ thinking behind this venture. Like the “rainbow” which is a collaboration of colours, MAS’ passion

Is to unite communities and work together in the area to herald a new phase in the development of the region.

At maturity Vaanavil and Vidiyal together hope to provide employment for approximately 2000 direct employees and positively contribute to the livelihoods

Of their families. MAS offer a solid employee value proposition honed through two and half decades; the opportunity for professional as well as personal

Development. Many indirect employment opportunities have also opened up. The project and peripheral activity will provide employment opportunity for other segments of the labour force.

MAS Active inaugurated a temporary training and manufacturing facility in Thiru Nagar Kilinochchi.

These pioneering employees will eventually become team leaders and multi-skilled workers. The facility will be supported by experienced staff from MAS’s

Existing facilities with the focus on recruiting and developing local talent.

The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, ILO (International LabourOrganisation) LEED (Local Empowerment through Economic Development) team did an employer sensitization programme at MAS Kilinochchi for 40 staff members. The “Introduction to network on disability” was done by Ms. Sonali De Silva and Ms. ManiqueGunaratne did the training on “ethics when dealing with persons with disabilities and on accessibility”. It was really impressing to see the smiling faces of the team members when they gathered for the group photograph. Most of the staff members had family members with disabilities. So it was really informative for them.


Picture description:

1 Activities for the participants.

mas activities for participants

2 Group photograph of the participants.

mas group

3 Manique making a presentation.

mas manique presentation

4 Participants of the workshop.

mas participants

5 Sonali making a presentation.

mas sonali presentation



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