Deshika is a young woman who enjoys music, especially singing; cross-stitching, and hanging out with her friends. She also happens to have a learning disability. She loves to express herself through sewing, handicrafts, and with her mother’s encouragement, is full of ideas for new products. She is a passionate learner who has passed her O/Level English and continues to study IT, music, and sewing online. Deshika’s creative pursuits have given her a big confidence boost! Please contact 0777598861 to place orders. 

Dilanthi is an independent and enterprising young woman. She has wide artistic interests, particularly, art, theatre, cooking and handicrafts. She has lived with a visual impairment since the age of 10 and has adapted to her new sensory world with dignity and resilience. While her change in circumstances initially led to a period of isolation, she was able to regain her confidence and indomitable spirit through her creative endeavors. She loves culinary adventures and often cooks for/ with her mother. She is full of initiative and a source of great strength to her family. Please contact 0771845811 to place orders.

Suramya and Arjuna are a formidable mother- son team. When Suramya found out that her son has Autism, she started learning cross stitching to teach her son. Arjuna took to it with gusto! Over the years Arjuna has become a highly skilled craftsman, and the team has made great strides together. The pair now sell their products and provide guidance for other families of children with disabilities to develop and sell their own handicrafts.

The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, Specialised Training & #Disability Resource Centre promotes entrepreneurs with disabilities to make them independent in life. For further details, please contact Manique Gunaratne on 0779571918 or