Enable India is one of India’s premier NGO’s which specializes in conducting Awareness workshops and trainings for Digital Literacy for vision impaired persons. (www.enableindia.org)

Enable India is being partnered by Bookshare for conducting “Reading without Seeing” workshops across India and neighbouring countries.

The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon together with the #InternationalLabourOrganisationSriLanka (ILO), Bookshare and Enable India conducted the “Reading without Seeing” training to give vision impaired persons a unique experiential training at The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon in December 2018.

30 vision impaired participants got the opportunity to experience:

– Challenges of Reading and Writing.

– Effects of not being able to Read and Write.

– Solutions for Reading and Writing.

– Demonstration of Modern technology.

– Hands on experience of using common tools for reading and writing.


Picture descriptions for vision impaired persons:

1 Ayasana giving the mike to participants to speak.

2 Ayasana.

3 Chamod, Wanamali and Ruwani attending the session.

4 Handing over training materials and software tools by Mr. Shankar from Enable India to Ms. Manique Gunaratne of The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon.

5 Dr. Homiyor from Bookshare conducting the training.

6 Manique at the Resource panel.

7 Manique together with  Dr. Homiyor and Ms. Zenath from Bookshare.

8 Manique and Dr. Homiyor.

9 Manique and Sanjaya from India.

10 Manique speaking.

11 Mr. Mosus from Enable India conducting the session.

12 Mosus and Zenath.

13 Participants speaking.

14 Front view of the participants.

15 Side view of the participants.

16 Participants with resource person from India.

17 Participants.

18 Group photograph of the resource persons.

19 Mr. Sanjaya from India conducting the session.

20 Sanjaya presenting.

21 Sanjaya conducting the session with the participants.

22 Ms. Zenath from Bookshare conducting the session.


Manique Gunaratne

Manager – Specialise Training and Disability Resource Centre of The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon

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