Stress is a normal, universal human experience. Stress can be defined as our mental, physical, emotional, and behavioural reactions to any perceived demands or threats.

Eustress (or good stress) is stress that benefits our health. We may feel challenged, but the sources of the stress are opportunities that are meaningful to us. Eustress helps provide us with energy and motivation to meet our responsibilities and achieve our goals.

Examples of eustress include graduating from college, getting married, receiving a promotion, or changing jobs.

Apart from the above reasons people with disabilities need to manage their stress due to the disability. The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon Training & Disability Resource Centre together with the National Institute for Mental Health started training in “Stress Management” in June 2019 for 15 persons with diverse disabilities. (vision impaired, partially sighted, deaf and hard of hearing, physical disabilities, and speech difficulty and learning disabilities) the trainings are conducted by Mr. Pradeep Gunarathne of the National Institute for Mental Health.


Picture descriptions for vision impaired persons:


1 Session in progress.

2 Group photograph.

Manique Gunaratne

Member – Internet Society Sri Lanka Chapter


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