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CISCO launched a new CISCO TV series “Women Rock IT” in November 2015. The Surprising Role Technology Help People and The Planet. This programme is to Rock in with Women who realize their passion helping people and the planet. This programme was held at the Vocational Training Authority. Rocking women in the Technology field were invited as resource persons for this event.     

AlaneCahalane, CEO of Veterinary Specialty Hospital Hong Kong spoke on how Technology played a pivotal role in reviving hopes that a lame bear will walk again.

AnuSridharan, Co-Founder and CEO of NextDrop in India spoke on how technology is being used to solve the impact of an unreliable water delivery service in India.
ManiqueGunaratne from The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon spoke on how technology has played a major role in life’s of persons with disabilities in Sri Lanka.

MaithreeMalwathegoda, Assistant General Manager Fusion spoke on how a woman would benefit technology in order to have a successful professional and family life in Sri Lanka.


Picture description:

1 Manique making the presentation.

making presentation single

2 Manique highlights the important points.

making presentation

3 Participants at the programme.



National Campaigner for Rights of Women with Disabilities – Raising Our Voices for Us




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