Law & Society Trust, together with researchers from

the Institute for Culture and Society at Western

Sydney University, have collaborated in an innovative

report documenting the stories of hardship and

resilience of Sri Lankan women with disabilities living

in war affected areas.

Women with disabilities and advocates of their rights

were active participants in directing the course of

this project, assisting researchers to shape and

develop the final report recommendations as a starting

point for a social, cultural and legal transformation to

achieve the aspirations of women with disabilities in

Sri Lanka, who have thus far received minimal

recognition in the domestic context.

The official launch of the Law & Society Trust, and Western Sydney University’s collaborative report: ‘OUT OF THE SHADOWS’ A STUDY OF WAR AFFECTED WOMEN

WITH DISABILITIES IN SRI LANKA was held at the Sri Lanka Foundation in July 2018. Ms. Manique Gunaratne and Ms. Ayasana Gunasekera from The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon ICT Training & Disability Resource Centre Joined to hear from the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka in response to the findings and recommendations


Law & Society Trust is a not-for-profit organisation

engaged in human rights documentation, legal

research, and advocacy in Sri Lanka.

The Institute for Culture and Society researches

transformations in culture and society in the context

of contemporary global change. It champions

collaborative engaged research in the humanities

and social sciences for a globalizing digital age.


Manique Gunaratne

Manager – Specialise Training and Disability Resource Centre of The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon

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