“SMART WOMEN” includes women with disabilities

“SMART WOMEN” includes women with disabilities
The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) has taken many steps towards empowering women
with “Suhuruliya” initiative during the last few years. The entire initiative is expected to
enhance women’s socioeconomic status by providing ICT knowledge and hands on
experience for a sustainable and fortunate livelihood by 2025 and to empower women to
overcome unemployment, poverty, crime & harassments through coherent ICT practices and
to transform women to act as a conduit for uplifted society with the support of digital
As the pinnacle of activities conducted within the last few years ICTA conducted a “SMART
Women’s Forum 2019” at Trace Expert City in December 2019, together with the annual
Suhuruliya planning workshop, with the participation of Women including women
entrepreneurs, WDOs, representatives of MoWCA, Policy Makers, female youth, Women in
IT, community leaders, associations and women in tech, academia, social activists and female
volunteers etc.
Ms. Manique Gunaratne conducted the session on “How to include women with disabilities
in all programmes for women”.
Picture descriptions for vision impaired persons:
1 Banner.
2 Presenting tocan of appreciation.
2 Manique conducting the session.
4 Manique speaking.
Manique Gunaratne
Member of the Expert Body of the Sub Committee on Persons with Disabilities – Human Rights Commission of
Sri Lanka

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