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Persons with disability at The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, Specialised Training & #Disability Resource Centre together with Family Planning Association Sri Lanka spoke of their rights on sexual and re-productive health on World Health Day in April 2021.

Now is the time for action concerning #SRH of persons with disabilities!
Persons with disabilities have the same sexual and reproductive
health (SRH) needs as other people. Yet they often face barriers to information and services.
Through our
IPPF SPRINT Project, we conduct training on sexual and reproductive health and rights“, says Ms. #Manique Gunaratne.

#IPPF, South Asia Region

“The challenges are not necessarily part of having a disability, but instead often reflect lack of social attention, legal protection, understanding, and support”WHO/UNFPA guidance notes

“Persons with disabilities have the same needs for SRH services as everyone else. #SRH knowledge and services matter!”, says Mr. Yasal Samarajeewa.

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Persons with disabilities face many barriers to care and information about SRH, GBV and other violence, and abuse. The frequent assumption is that persons with disabilities are not sexually active and therefore do not need SRH services.
“Everybody matters – sexual and reproductive healthcare and information is a must for all!” says Ms. Ganga Subasinghe.
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“Persons with disabilities have the same needs for SRH services as everyone else. In fact, persons with disabilities may actually have greater needs for SRH education and care than persons without disabilities due to their increased vulnerability to abuse”, says Ms. Sansani Kavindya.

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“It is important to assure that sexual and reproductive health services are
friendly to persons with disabilities. SRH information and services is a must for ALL persons”
says Mr. Chamod Ruwanga.

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Watch the videos of: Manique Gunaratne

Watch the videos of: Yasal Samarajeewa
Link: https://fb.watch/4Lt5yQMtOM/

Watch the videos of: Ganga Subasinghe
Video Link: https://fb.watch/4Lssh_2WCU/

Watch the videos of: Sansani Kavindya
Link: https://fb.watch/4Lst-aJE-2/

Watch the videos of: Chamod Ruwanga
Link: https://fb.watch/4Lsv9llcmS/

Manique Gunaratne
Advisory Board Member – 18+ Alliance for Care Leavers (SOS Children’s Village)